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Man kann es fast nicht glauben, aber in Portugal stellt der öffentliche Dienst am Tage des Papstbesuches in ganz Portugal den öffentlichen Dienst ein und hat den Papstbesuchstag, Freitag den 12.05.2017, zum Feiertag erklärt.Und zum Papastbesuch wird die Grenze Portugals für den freien Zugang gesperrt und besonders gesichert.

Ich kenne die Portugiesen ziemlich gut, verlogen und geldgierig, von gottesfürchtig und fromm ist da so gut wie gar nichts, aber man nutzt jede nur erdenkliche Gelegenheit, um frei zu machen und nicht zu arbeiten.

Und das dabei verschlumte Sozialprodukt holt man sich grosszügig aus Brüssel. Dumm sind diese Südländer nicht, wenn es um ihre Vorteile geht. Ihre Streikzeiten legen sie fast immer auf den Freitag, um so ein langes Wochende zu machen. Ja, schön ist es in der EU zu sein.




Portugal declares Papal holiday

by Brendan de Beer, in News · 27-04-2017 13:28:00 · 2 Comments


The government has announced that civil servants will be able to lay down their tools and lock up state departments on the eve of Pope Francis’s visit to Portugal. The decision has already been met with some criticism emanating from within the ruling Socialist Party, with one MP saying he has been left “dumbfounded” by the decision.

Portugal declares Papal holiday


In addition to the temporary closure of Portugal’s borders during the papal visit, comes news that all of the country’s services will shut down on Friday 12 May.

The decision, which was made public on Thursday, comes as Pope Francis will be at the Fátima Sanctuary to commemorate the centennial of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to three shepherd children, which will be marked on 13 May.

During the visit, two of the shepherd children will be canonised.

But following news that the state employees will be allowed to travel to Fátima, or wherever they please on Friday 12 May, Socialist MP Tiago Barbosa Rodrigues lashed out at the decision.

“It is not common to find mistakes in the Government which I support, but here is one which is especially ridiculous”, said the MP in a post on Facebook.

He also questioned the decision to make the concession to civil servants for the visit of a head of state, which he said that it is even worse if the move is based on religious reasons.

He argued that if a day off is given for the papal visit, then the same should be done for the visits of other religious leaders, especially as Portugal is a secular state and neutral to all faiths, practices and beliefs.

“Or, here is a great idea, let’s not give any days off”, said the MP.

On a political level, the Left Bloc has not opposed the decision and the Communist Party has not yet issued any public statements. The CDS-PP People’s Party has meanwhile come out in support of the move.

Back in 2010, during the last Papal visit, a day off on 13 May was decreed as it fell on a working day.

Pope Francis will be the fourth head of the Vatican to visit Portugal. Paul VI visited in 1967, followed by John Paul II in 1982, 1991 and 2000 and Benedict XVI in 2010.

During the visit, Pope Francis will meet with President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Prime Minister António Costa.

In related news, Portugal’s open borders will be suspended from midnight on 10 May to midnight on 14 May.

During this period, all visitors to Portugal, such as those from Spain, will need to produce their passports or identity documents when crossing into the country.

Portugal previously reintroduced border controls during the 2004 European football championships and when it hosted the 2010 NATO summit.



Petition gegen den Papstbesuch in Fátima

30-01-2017 Nachrichten


Am 12. und 13. Mai kommt Papst Franziskus nach Portugal; er ist der vierte Papst, der das Land besucht. Der Grund ist diesmal der 100. Jahrestag der Marienerscheinung in Fátima. Doch Prominente wie der Musiker Pedro Barroso und der Anwalt Carlos Tomé unterstützen eine Petition gegen diesen Besuch des Oberhaupts der katholischen Kirche. ?„Es handelt sich nicht um eine Kritik an der Religion. Jeder kann glauben, an was er möchte. Aber dieses Wunder der Marienerscheinung ist ein Betrug, eine Farce. Das hätte schon lange entlarvt werden müssen, doch heute ist es ein großes Geschäft“, so Pedro Barroso. „Mit dem Besuch in Fátima verleiht der Papst der Erscheinung Glaubwürdigkeit und unterstützt den Kommerz nur noch zusätzlich.“ Die Petition mit dem Titel „Gegen die Glaubwürdigkeit des Wunders von Fátima“ richtet sich unter anderem an den Bischof von Leira und die portugiesische Bischofskonferenz. Unterstützung kommt auch von Anthropologen, Professoren und ehemaligen Gewerkschaftlern.

„Wer sich über den Fall informiert, erkennt schnell, wie die Ereignisse damals geplant und weiterverbreitet wurden“, erklären die Initiatoren der Petition.




portugalpress on November 22, 2016

Pope’s visit to Fátima under attack for “perpetuating a farce”


Musician Pedro Barroso is the first signatory of a petition hoping to block the Pope’s visit to Fátima next year.


Designed to coincide with the centenary celebrations of the ‘sightings of the Blessed Virgin’ by three young shepherd children, the visit will simply perpetuate a farce, says the “Against giving credence to the ‘miracle’ of Fátima” petition - addressed to the Bishop of Leiria, Patriarch of Lisbon and Portuguese Episcopal Conference.


Drawn up in October and signed by journalists, a lawyer, an engineer, two anthropologists, a polytechnic professor and a former CGTP union leader, the petition claims that the “so-called miracle of the three shepherds is authentic hocus-pocus”.


Anyone who researches the story “will easily be able to see the way the events were “contrived, planned and framed” between “initial doubt and subsequent complacency of the Catholic Church” in an “era of massive cultural darkness” and “rustic ignorance”.


“What we really think”, Barroso has since told Lusa, “is that in visiting Fàtima the Pope will give credence to a situation that started with a lie and which today is essentially a business”.


Given that this description could be used in a much wider context, Barroso appears to concede that the Pope will come anyway, as he continued his conversation with Lusa saying the Pontiff “is in a corner which probably doesn’t have an easy exit”.


Thus the petition is more to “attract Pope Francis’ attention”, he said.


Pope Francis should bring a whip with him, the well-known performer continued “like Jesus Christ, when he ran the merchants out of the temple, as this has turned into a circus for opportunists of all kinds”.






The lies of Fatima




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